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New world class tower

The new control tower is at the same level as the towers of the best airports in the world. It has a height of 65 meters and is built with reinforced concrete combined with a steel structure, in addition to a cylindrical base of 21 meters in diameter, on which a large control cabin has been installed that will meet strict visibility requirements over the airfield

The new tower has been designed to be operated by CORPAC, the state company responsible for air traffic in the country, which will install a state-of-the-art navigation system. It will also have 10 positions for air traffic control and will be able to manage up to 80 air operations per hour (the current tower has the capacity to carry out only 35).

Both the new control tower and the second runway that make up the expansion project of the first air terminal in the country, are already 100% complete in their civil works. As for the new passenger terminal, which will receive domestic and international flights, it is 24% complete. In this construction process, it is expected that the anti-seismic insulators will arrive in Peru next September, making us the first terminal with structural elements of this type in South America.

Currently, the civil works of the new control tower have been 100% completed.

State-of-the-art technology in the new Control Tower

Air traffic management (ATM) system

the management of aircraft take-off, landing and flight operations, as well as the movement control on the platform will be allowed.

Aeronautical communications systems

It will have equipment for air-ground and ground-ground aeronautical communications of the control tower.

Meteorology system

Information on wind direction and speed, temperature, humidity, visibility, atmospheric pressure, rain and solar radiation will be provided.

Air navigation systems

Provides information to the pilot about the exact distance from the runway.

Aerial surveillance system

an accurate and reliable view of aircraft position in real time will be presented on the air traffic controller's screen.

System for the Design of Flight Procedures and Aeronautical Information

The design of new flight procedures will be allowed. It will manage aeronautical data and its subsequent dissemination.