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Frequently asked questions

What was the initial date expected to start the construction of the terminal?

LAP has been building the new terminal as agreed in its Concession Agreement and it will be operational in January 2025.

How long would the terminal construction time take and when would it be ready for opening?

The new terminal will be delivered in January 2025, complying with the terms of LAP Concession Agreement. The LAP proposal is that the New Jorge Chávez operates with two runways, a new control tower and a single terminal.

How much does it cost the Government to carry out the Jorge Chávez expansion project?

The investment in the Jorge Chávez Expansion Project is a 100% private investment, fully assumed by LAP. The LAP proposal is that the New Jorge Chávez operate with two runways, a new control tower and a single terminal. Fraport, a German company that currently operates 31 airports worldwide, and the World Bank’s IFC, an entity that supports and finances development projects. The total investment of the new airport infrastructure (second runway, new control tower and new terminal) is more than USD 1,600 million.

Once the new terminal works, what will be the access routes?

There will be a new access for the new terminal through the Santa Rosa Bridge, a work in charge of Provias Nacional of the MTC.

What happens if by 2025 the passenger traffic increased in such a way that for the delivery of the new terminal there is a saturation of passengers as in the terminal that currently works?

After 2025 there are development plans for the future growth of the large airport that Lima will have with two runways, a control tower and a terminal. The airport will continue to grow in size and infrastructure to meet the needs of more passengers.

Why does LAP want to modify the concession contract – extending it for another 10 years– and fail to deliver its initial commitment?

LAP requested the MTC to update the Airport Development Plan (PDA) that had been approved by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) in 2018, modifying the airport’s operating model in 2025. At no time, an addendum to the Concession Agreement has been requested or proposed.

What is needed in order to bring the second runway and the new control tower into operation?

In order for the second runway to come into operation, CORPAC must implement the aeronautical systems and equipment, as well as train the air traffic controllers of the new control tower. For this, we have been coordinating and working collaboratively with CORPAC.

What features will the new passenger terminal have?

LAP is building the first terminal in South America with seismic isolators, which would allow it to serve humanitarian flights in the event of earthquakes. It will be a modern terminal for domestic and international flights, with state-of-the-art technology and intuitive for passengers, which ensures safe transit with an optimal level of services in an attractive and friendly environment, and projects a positive image of Peru abroad.

What plans are there after 2025 for Jorge Chávez?

LAP has future plans for Jorge Chavez, such as:

Airport City: These are the areas within the land destined for commercial development. In 2025 we will open a first space, with hotels and private parking lots.

Logistics area: For cargo transportation, LAP has a logistics development in the Gambetta area.

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