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Since 2019, LAP has been implementing social programs aimed at the residents of our Area of Direct Influence (AID), thanks to the commitment assumed in the Modification of an Environmental Impact Assessment (MEIA). In addition, as part of our voluntary actions, we are also carrying out local initiatives to promote the development of our neighboring communities. These projects and initiatives are carried out according to the following axes:


Health for ALL Program

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we made free home medical care and different workshops available to our neighbors to promote a culture of prevention and health care.

Since 2022 we have begun to carry out campaigns open to the general public.

Soup Kitchen Initiative

In 2021, we carried out a solidarity initiative in the face of the crisis generated by COVID-19. In it we work together with more than 50 common pots that were within the 46 locations near the airport, managing to deliver more than 133 thousand free food rations to our most needy neighbors.


Construyendo Ciudadanía Program

At LAP we understand the importance of caring for the environment and road safety in our neighboring towns. For this reason we have been running the Building Citizenship program, aimed at underage students from the 16 public educational institutions (IIEE) in our area. To meet this objective, we work directly with teachers, strengthening their pedagogical skills and competencies to guide them towards the exercise of citizenship and behavioral change in road safety and ecological awareness.

Likewise, an agreement has been signed with the Callao Regional Directorate of Education (DREC) in which we frame mutual efforts to achieve the objective, according to the guidelines and policies of education on environmental and road issues.

Citizen Monitoring and Surveillance Committee Program – CMVC

To guarantee that the Expansion Project is carried out under the highest quality standards, we have incorporated the Citizen Monitoring and Surveillance Committee (CMVC) Program. This is made up of representatives of the neighboring towns of Jorge Chávez, who are trained in technical and environmental issues, so that they can follow up on the socio-environmental commitments that LAP has assumed in the Modification of the Environmental Impact Study (MEIA).

You can visit the CMVC Platform here: (

Transparency Program

We have communication channels that allow us to listen to your questions or queries and direct any complaints and/or claims you may have.

Download the form here:

After you complete the form, send it to A social promoter from our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Local support initiative

We promote initiatives in neighboring towns that seek to contribute to the improvement of public spaces, sports and cultural activities, as well as actions that have a positive impact on the most vulnerable populations.


Emprendiendo Vuelo Program

At LAP we are interested in your future. For this reason, we offer workshops aimed at all our neighbors who have a business idea or want to revamp the one they already have. In these workshops, talks and technical-practical advice are given on micro and small companies that you can apply in your business.

Despega Emprendedor Program

People residing in any of the 46 AID localities and who have their own business, have the possibility of offering their services and/or products to the companies in charge of the Expansion Project, according to the requirement or need. Companies must be registered with SUNAT and comply with price and quality standards.


Brigade Training Program

In coordination with the Provincial Municipality of Callao and Civil Defense, we made available to the population a new evacuation route for the removal of the neighboring towns of Francisco Bolognesi and Daniel Alcides Carrión, in the event of a seismic emergency. In addition, for the 9 towns in the western zone, the training of 200 multi-hazard emergency brigades has been developed, the formation of 8 Risk and Disaster Management Committees, as well as the preparation of the Community Education Plan, the Earthquake Contingency Plan and Tsunami, Community Contingency Plan for fires, Community Evacuation Plan and 9 Multi-hazard Evacuation Route Plans.


Noise Mitigation Technical Committee Program

In all the cities of the world with airports, the problem of the noise generated by aircrafts is of the utmost importance for the neighbours. For this reason, from LAP we have encouraged the creation of a Technical Committee to mitigate noise, which integrates representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (DGAC and DGASA), Ministry of the Environment, CORPAC, airlines, the Regional Government of Callao and authorities and institutions linked to the issue, to jointly address the concern of the population near the airport.


Let’s work together Program

Committed to providing decent work to our neighbors, LAP generates unskilled and technical employment. The call is in charge of the contractors and subcontractors, and residents can participate by sending their CV to:

Scholarship Initiative Crezcamos Juntos

As part of our commitment to the neighbors, at LAP we seek to identify and create alliances with institutions that provide training in soft skills and/or techniques for young people from the AID localities, in order to improve their chances of insertion in the formal labor market.


residents of our AID (direct impact area) participated in health campaigns.


food rations provided to common pots of AID’s vulnerable groups.


residents trained in entrepreneurship, development of business ideas and capacity building.

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