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Inicio de operaciones: 18 de diciembre / Primera ciudad aeropuerto Jorge Chávez

Visitors lived the experience of the new Jorge Chávez terminal in virtual reality

  • This week Lima Airport Partners (LAP) participated in Peru Cargo Week, the most important cargo transportation, logistics and foreign trade fair in the country.
  • LAP presented at its stand the innovative Oculus West 2 virtual reality viewer, from Meta, with which visitors were able to observe what the new passenger terminal at the Jorge Chávez airport will be like in 2025, when the works are completed.

The new unique passenger terminal has a peculiar architecture inspired by the Nasca culture and is one of the main works of the Jorge Chávez expansion project, which to date presents a 26% progress. Together with the future new commercial areas (business spaces and passenger services), the second runway and the new control tower (both works completed and start operations in April 2023) will be key in the innovative concept of the Airport City. , which will put Jorge Chávez at the forefront of Latin America.

LAP’s innovative participation in Peru Cargo Week aimed to show companies, authorities and visitors what the expansion mega-project will look like once completed. And using the Oculus West 2 viewer, people were able to see more clearly the facilities of the new single terminal, which will meet all the technical requirements of the IATA Manual and will provide a complete experience for passengers. They were also able to see how this infrastructure will be integrated with the other works of the project.

More than 500 people visited the LAP stand and learned, in addition to the points mentioned, the spaces where the future commercial areas will be located. The new Jorge Chávez has set up four mega parcels, strategically located near the main avenues, for commercial developments with investment from third parties, in a total of 110 hectares. Two of these areas have already been awarded, Cabecera Norte and Gambetta, and will represent an investment of US$150 million. The other two, Santa Rosa and Faucett, will be marketed starting this year.