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Aeropuerto Jorge Chavez New infraestructura will start operations on April 1st, 2023

In 2025, the Jorge Chávez airport will double the operation of flights per hour, receiving around 30 million passengers per year.

The Minister of Transport and Communications, Paola Lazarte, announced the signing of an agreement with Lima Airport Partners (LAP), which establishes that from April 1, 2023, the operations of the new control tower and the second landing strip will begin. from Jorge Chavez International Airport.

As explained by the head of the MTC, the signing of the act, with the agreement of both parties, generates the date of the start of operations of the new infrastructure built in the first air terminal in the country. Likewise, it made it clear that “this will not lead to the payment of compensation or any other type of compensation in favor of the concessionaire.”

With the start of operations of the new control tower and the second runway of the Airport, operational safety in the takeoff and landing of aircraft will be strengthened, as well as the service to airport operators who will have sufficient spaces for aircraft parking.

The infrastructure of the second runway and the new control tower are complete and in the process of implementation. On the other hand, the new passenger terminal is under construction and will be completed by 2025, which will allow 65 flights per hour to be carried out, with the capacity to receive approximately 30 million passengers annually.

The head of the sector reported that, among the agreements adopted with the concessionaire, a joint work schedule was approved that will make it possible to meet the new deadlines for the start of operations. There is a clear commitment from Corpac to achieve this goal, for which we are organizing follow-up teams with the participation of the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC) of the MTC and LAP.

The minister stressed that this agreement between the State and the concessionaire is the result of joint work and goodwill to turn our first airport into a hub in Latin America.

New Infrastructure
The new control tower is 65 meters high, equivalent to a 21-story building, and from there the two landing and takeoff runways of the Jorge Chávez airport will be controlled.

The second runway is 3,480 meters long and has a network of more than 10 kilometers of new taxiways, approach lights, and beacon systems, among others. It will be able to serve all types of aircraft. Both are 100% built and in the process of implementation.