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Inicio de operaciones: 18 de diciembre / Primera ciudad aeropuerto Jorge Chávez

Let’s avoid the danger of using drones and laser pointers near the airport

  • Lima Airport Partners (LAP) warns about the serious consequences of using these devices in the surroundings of Jorge Chávez.

The use of drones and laser pointers in the vicinity of the Jorge Chávez International Airport can put the physical integrity and even the lives of aircraft crew members and passengers at risk, and also represents an unnecessary danger to residents who live in the nearby areas. It also constitutes a crime that must be reported to the authorities. LAP reminds you that:

  • There is a huge risk when operating drones and other remotely piloted devices (RPA) within a distance of less than 4 km from the Jorge Chávez Airport.
  • Handling these devices in nearby areas can interfere with airport operations, putting the lives of passengers and crew at risk.
  • In the same way, pointing any laser device at a moving aircraft is considered a criminal act.
  • Pointers can cloud the vision of pilots in mid-flight and cause momentary or permanent loss of vision.
  • This situation can cause serious accidents and put the lives of passengers, crew members and the community at risk.

Remember that, if you observe any of these behaviors, you should alert the nearest authorities.

If you see someone using a drone or a laser pointer near the airport, report it to the Sarita Colonia police station:

  • Phone 4299945
  • Guardianship Officer 980121362